Pavman's newest hit - Teenage Dream

Inspired by the super bowl he felt it was needed. He got a bit pitchy at one point but another solid performance. Now he just needs some dancing sharks.

10/10 would listen to it again and again.

Waiting for that mixtape to drop tho.

420/10 - ign

Download link?

We are selling it for $1.99. Send Pav a message

I’m having trouble finding this on Spotify. Is it under Pav, Pavman, XMB Pavman, PAVMAN TTG, or William?

All of them will find you the song, sir.

I don’t know the reason as to why I feel weird knowing that I was laughing at the shark (left) during the whole Halftime show and now it has become, in a way, an internet meme…I guess I’m just shocked that a lot more people have the same sense of humor as I do.

…even now I still giggle at the gif; whoever it was in that shark had the time of their life!

tearin’ up here

absolute master piece

So when’s the album coming out?

Bad news guys, Pav informed me last night he is retiring from singing. He feels it is just too hard to maintain the high standards expected on this forum.

Damn, I guess the albums not coming out then !