Pay to cheat?

Tell me why do we have to basically pay for cheats (the remote) You guys aren’t the only ones doing this you know. 7.99 a month just to use cheats via phone that’s just bad. I saw a topic that’s asking for Pro only cheats and i swear if that happens i’m not gonna use this anymore. I can find cheats for free no problem. Just suggesting you don’t put things behind a paywall


And what would they lose by you leaving? A paying customer? I contributing member of the community?


We appreciate the feedback. As you said we are not the only ones but we also don’t charge for any cheats or have ads. Pro is our only source of income to pay for the site and offering premium cheats gives more incentive to subscribe. We will never switch to a model where every game is paid but there will be some games/cheats that will require Pro.


let me stop you right there the only thing behind a paywall is the remote app thats it you can still use infinity with out the app so nothing is behind a paywall you have an option to support the people who put hard work and there own time to make these trainer and to keep this site running by going pro.

Witch is good as it keeps the site and infinity running with out people supporting the site by paying a small fee a month you wont be getting free cheats and a awesome community that is coming together to bring you free cheats no one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to spend money when the program is pretty much free other then the app witch is not really necessary to use infinity

Back when we use to be horizon mb and xbox mb i paid yearly for diamond for the simple fact that i wanted to support the site and give back to the people that put hard work into bringing such a amazing program to the community its a choice not pay to cheat


Don’t worry every thing is free for you ! Please don’t leave !!
Some one has to pay to keep this wonderful page and infinity app alive !
YOU don’t mind if the devs eat do you ?


Thanks for the feedback!. I am pretty sure i am going to do something about it, i think.

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I don’t really see paid cheats being a problem.

The expertise, skill, effort, and time needed to make these isn’t small, especially when you look at them having to maintain all of them. Further, maintaining the website, infrastructure to update the app to any meaningful number of people, etc…


why the hell would i want @frank to eat. seriously all of them should just run on dust bunnies and Oxygen.


Um, actually i think just hunt the animal himself if we dont pay.
So i think he will be fine.

@MrPrecise they need guns and ammo so I’ll still pay we can’t expect them to use sticks and stones haha

I get sad thinking about paying for cheats. Why don’t u guys just get advertisers? I don’t think people would opt in to pay what they pay for netflix for trainers that they don’t use for every game/ don’t have time to play with to begin with.

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I don’t think most people realize how much hard work goes into making these trainers and especially a software like infinity.

Comparison with Netflix in my opinion is unfair and doesn’t make sense, netflix is a self-sustainable constant revenue generating entity with very little work required for its maintenance (if any) whereas infinity needs constant work everyday thanks to the countless game updates everyday so i don’t know how infinity compares with netflix or really any other software, trainer-making on such a large scale is completely different than typical software development.

If infinity were to become paid, people would happily pay. Not everyone but most would.

I don’t think advertising would help any, i am assuming you mean Google adsense?. Wemod doesn’t have the traffic for Google Adsense to be profitable and i don’t know what other advertisers you have in mind that could be an alternative to Pro


Several other trainer sites charge $10+/month. Lets look at the second part of what you said though. Do you watch everything on netflix? No but you are still subscribed for the content you do watch. As I stated above we have no plans to go full pay to cheat but premium cheats are an option that we’ve talked about in the past and has generally been supported by most people. Ads really aren’t something we want.

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Oh i just remembered and this is a big one. People come to infinity after they’ve been through other trainer sites, have paid a hefty sum to those sites or donated huge monies and STILL, those trainer sites gave up on their favorite titles. They then come to infinity, vote these titles to top and get a trainer completely free of charge made by infinity.

Over the years, i must have trained a dozen plus of these titles that were a literal pain in my ass to train when every other trainer site and yes, even cheat engine gave up on. I am about to make a trainer for another title that everyone has given up on.

So i don’t think infinity compares with any other site. Much less a static, sit on your ass fock your hot secretary self-maintaining site like netflix, you have to sweat tears and blood to make something like infinity.

If it was up to me, i would charge ridiculous amount of money for infinity :smiley:


hahaha Hey thanks for putting some light into the situation. You’re totally right. I’m grateful for what you guys do and as soon as I can, I’ll pitch in for the lighting.

I was thinkin it could be helpful to always have a paypal plug available on your main page kinda like what wikipedia used to do. Or reaching out to websites like Gamefaqs or Gamespot and IGN because I know that Gamefaqs has a cheat code section that’s usually just unlockables. You guys have a legit program, I think you guys could definitely fill in that missing section on Gamefaqs. Just throwing ideas out there, I am in no way an expert at this but I worked in the night club industry and if you can pitch a good deal then things can happen. Just sayin.

the phone thing is an extra its not required to use this and also its a differentiating feature, if you don’t pay for any of the extra features or any of the cheats how will they make there money?
although i do agree on premium cheats that’s stupid if they want to draw more people do this different than the others don’t offer premium cheats i could see maybe offering a in game UI with more advanced cheats that can only be usable with the in game UI but no premium cheats

I’m with you @STN, the cost of Pro membership is essentially cheap compared to what it offers. Then again, you can always ferret out a childish post. “Gimme, gimme, you owe me! Everything in life should be free!” To make a living in the “real world” finances are required. After 22+ years in the corporate world, I can assure you, nothing is free. WeMod is a boon, and nothing comes close to its interface and ease of use.

Generally, I prefer not to be aggressive, but in this case, I think a reality check is in order. Even without Pro membership, one gains far more than they would from most trainers, I have yet to see anything remotely comparable. As far as those who opt for Pro membership, we pay to support development, so it makes logical sense we are given certain perks. Even if we were not, I would do so. I am a software engineer by trade, and I find not only the efforts of the team, but their responsiveness exemplary!

@DrGrimm, if WeMod isn’t your cup of tea and you’d rather download a slew of trainers per-game, feel free to. Ads would be an affront to everything the community stands for to begin with. Sacrificing a few meals out, is hardly what I call a big deal to support the team. A year long membership is no more than sacrificing going out to dinner 7 times at McDonald’s (more or less).

As my parents told me long ago, “The world owes you nothing”. Their wisdom rang true, as I have learned by experience. As far as membership, I spent several days determining a new budget, just to afford to go Pro. I did so, because I enjoy the community, the developers, and no application comes even close to the quality and support that WeMod offers.

Regardless, Pro isn’t a “must have” it is a “nice to have”. Alt-Tab works just as well, and I used it for some time prior to going Pro. To my knowledge, Pro members do not have any “special cheats” at this point in time, and honestly, I don’t use the phone interface much. Going Pro is more about community support, and WeMod has a great community that for the most part, is very supportive. I’ve received some great advice on games, as well as help with trainers here, and can attest personally that @STN busts his butt to keep up with updates.

Mind you, this is a welcoming community, but at the same time, being critical without reason is neither mature, nor respectful. When communicating via forums, one should give the same respect one would face-to-face. Please consider such things when you post. After all, would you say the same to someone you never met, unaware of who they are, their personal challenges, and their nature?

We welcome you to our community, and are open to constructive criticism. That being stated, please remain constructive when possible. I’ve come to know the WeMod community as considerate people who truly go “the extra mile.”


I agree 100% with everyone supporting WeMod by buying Pro. I mean if your new here and your not very tech savvy like us old blokes here, this is the perfect trainer app to use. It’s way easier then what other ones claim that there “easy”…that’s a load of horse #@!* . I found that most of them require you to turn off your anti-virus, do this and that to run it. Plus it saves time in downloading trainer after trainer, sometimes you might forget to remove your downloaded trainers on a usb and you turn on your anti-virus and poof! it’s gone, back to re downloading them again. I mean Pro is amazing because of the ability to activate trainer cheats for your game via phone is S*@! hot, saves a lot of time trying to make your game change to windows full-screen just so you can switch over to infinity to scroll down to view the other 100 amazing cheats they offer. Also they try hard to update each and every trainer when a new update comes out, but with record numbers of games being requested and updates coming out by STEAM, ORIGIN, UPLAY or GOG it’s a little hard to maintain trainers, a website and app without a little funding. Please do me a favour a hike up your knickers and jog on…

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You covered it completely my friend. I am “tech savvy” and regardless, sometimes even for me it takes some effort. I’ve been playing “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” as of late, and realized, some trainer features will cause a crash here and there. I save frequently, revert to the last save, and re-try. Generally, I’ll find a way around it.

As you said, it is WAY easier than many others, encompassing so many games it is staggering. Are they perfect, no, but they are “good enough” that with a bit of effort and thinking, one can get them to work. Your rather British statement of “Hike your knickers up and jog on” hit the nail on the head. One of my good developer friends is from the U.K.

He’s always teaching me new insults like “wank stain” (that one cracked me up) and encouraging me to use it in a sentence with those we find less than appealing (my sentence was “Sod off, you bloody wank stain!”). He is now a U.S. citizen but is proud of his heritage, which I enjoy sharing with him. He integrity is without reproach, he’s always had my back. To this day we remain quite close, he’s always checking up on me and my father. He’s a DIY expert and often gives me pointers.

You couldn’t have said it better, “Hike up your knickers”. In just a couple of weeks (if that) I figured out how we could re-budget so I could get a Pro membership. The total cost was just making a few more meals at home, and giving up going out for a couple of months. It means I have a bit more effort, but dad gets a few more home-cooked meals from his son, hardly what I consider a loss. To dad, it is something special, despite his avid routine.

The end result is supporting WeMod, and in the process, dad enjoys a few more home-cooked meals from his son (and I’m a good cook). Hardly much of a sacrifice. A few home repair jobs get slowed, but at this point it doesn’t matter, given our online vendor screwed up and I’m missing 16 pieces of trim/baseboard. Though not happy about that, it all works out.

On the positive side, I’ve contacted the vendor with my order and shipping manifest (which don’t match). Though I won’t hear back until at least Monday, they don’t have much “wiggle room” for excuse, other than screwing up. At the very least it gives me an excuse to enjoy a few more games, since I can’t do the work until I get the door trim.

In the end, fate worked out in our favor. I was able to get a Pro membership, help dad, and put off a god-awful job. I certainly won’t deny, it is one heck of a rough project, despite having the tools. Nonetheless, the savings are 50%, well worth it. I love my dad, and I don’t mind the assistance of contractors, when it is worth it. In this case I can do as well, or better. Of course, having the materials helps.

Take care my friends!