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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@Nexus_Clouds Yeah it is if you have more than is possible to get by normal means.


Actually this modes really good but invisible isn’t there. We need invisible for stealth heist. Please bring it back.


I Know This Dosent Work With Mods (I Looked) But If You Take The Mods Out Does It Work?? Cause I Took Em Out And It Just Dosent Work Still. (I Restarted Twice)


Delete IPHELPAPI.dll in your game folder


Thanks That Worked


Ok So Deleting The Thing Worked (In My Case Cutting Pasting) But You Cant Put Mods Back On After If You have Skill Points From The Cheat They Will Go Away With Mods (You Keep Ones That You Didn’t Cheat) But From What I See You Keep Cont Coins.


Is There Anyway To Keep The Skill Points After Exiting Or Nah Cause I Got Rid Of The Mods And Restarted The Game Used Skill Cheat Then Re-started The Game (didn’t add mods) And They Were Gone. Is It A Constant Thing That I Have To Do When I Start Up The Game? (its easy but annoying i can just ECM rush jewelry store but it still take’s time)


we need to have an invisible mod for stealthable and stealth only heists


the cheats don’t work I don’t have mods plz help me.


Did You Go Into An Offline Game Like A Normal Jewelry Store Heist?




This is superb, cheers. Can you please add back in the stealth mode? Much appreciated.



i confirm that some of the cheats not working,

i.e. Skill Points will not be added, regardless which interface i open in Offline


I cant use any of the bottom cheats like money infamy and skills


isn’t there a easy way to implement this? i just need to change the .exe file but there is no option to do that, because the VR game is the same game, just another exe.


ehh the mods are very slow it is painful can u please update it?
please because i love it like i need to become infamouse but i can’t because the mods are slow so please update it like then money and skill points are slow so please fix that


It’s not as easy as you think.
For the VR version of the game a new trainer would most likely needed to be made.
It’s not a simple .exe name change

@Evilmuttman what do you mean they are “slow”?



Are any plans to update the INVENTORY&STATS-Section?

if i need to spend some coins, SURE tell me how :slight_smile:


I like this trainer. It´s best trainer for payday 2. I really like it :smiley:


Awesome trainer congratulation