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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


for some reason im not getting any money when i add 1000000 Cash


@SenatorSmith go to crime net and choose a random mission, go inside the mission when you can control your character. then Use the money or any cheat which add things to your inventory, it’ll work! and if you mean Now it’s because it need a Update.


PAYDAY 2 Trainer not work ?
When i start playing the game and start the Trainer he not work ?
new update ? @unknown_v2


yep. it need a update. i don’t know why everyone is asking, but i’ll sure to answer everyone if i can!(probably because i’m bored.)


It there any news about when the update is gona come?


@Redflame18 Not what i heard, i think it’ll come with in one month?


So there is no way how to use it?
I only need money…


well if you insist at needing Money then i suggest you to download and use some mods(not for cheat of course, for easier gaming), but be sure to move your mods file before using Payday 2 trainer again! (oh btw there’s no way of using this trainer for now but if you download older version of Payday 2 i’m sure you can use it but not sure if the money keeps thought.)


sorry for my terrible English skills, i don’t learn English a lot.


@Redflame18 just got the news here image


Sorry i don’t quite know well.


Excuse me, but I did not know
However I wait for the next update Thank you for your reply


@xFTB No Problem!


Any mods that can give infinity life or ghost mode?


the weapon mods work but the money and stats do not. anyone who knows a fix for this?


@unknown_v2 could you update the trainer to work with the new update 181.1 please


Have issue’s now where the cheat starts then stops soon as you press start on the infinity menu. I have tested this also when the game was already on same result.


like i said. the trainer need a update, and i don’t know where unknown_v2 go. Please do not ask more question about the trainer Not working. because i already said like 4 times.


People don’t read what others say in here.
not sure where @unknown_v2 is gone aswell but people will keep on saying it’s broken


Yup…well. you’re right, so here’s what i will do.