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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


trainer starts and stops within a sec. :frowning:


the offline in order to edit stats thing doesn’t work for me btw but other than that the trainer is awesome thanks for making it




Can you add auto cook ?


Hello, i am having some issues with the infinity mod tool for Payday 2. It causes my game to crash when i get into huge fights with the cops. Only mods i use are unlimited zip ties and skill points. I’m able to run the game just fine without infinity but only when i use it is when the game crashes. I’m running the game from steam and have no other mods or programs. My pc is new, as am i to gaming on pc but it is able to run any and all games on max settings but i keep everything to mid-high instead of max. i don’t have anything like infinity running nor do i have any other mods saved on the game either. The other thing is, my skill points do not stay modded. When i run the game it resets my points back to zero and i have to redo them every time. Is that supposed to happen?

Any advise on why this is happening?

Also, i’d like to request a way to max or obtain a lot of perk points for the perk deck. There wasn’t an option for that in the mod tool.


Do not Run Trainer with ANY MODS Ok?


im not using the trainer, i got the game from steam im only using the infinity tool.


You said you’re using mods.
Mods are not supported with infinity and will make the game crash


Is it possible to create a perk points cheat for perk decks? We do already have the level up button, why not an add perk points one?


I dont know why, but i cant use this trainer, because my infinty shows a “N” at the payday 2 trainer, btw thats the only trainer that has this “N”, so I cant use it.
Anyone know this problem or can help?


The “N” just means it’s new or updated.
It’s not something that affects if you can use it or not.
Not sure how you can fix it though. What happens when you click on it?


i misspoke then, what i meant was. i have the normal version of the game and using infinity to activate the mods. (ex: adding skill points, adding money)


Can anyone tell how to activate these? As far as i can tell there are n o instructions on the page.


Hi! Is it possible to add a “easy stealth” button where u dont get spotted by anyone? like a ghost mode sort of


There was one but it got removed due to circumstances I can’t remember.
Maybe it will be added again in the future


is it possible to add the following options?

  • carry multiple bags
  • no detection from NPCs

(u can achieve no detection from cameras by using EMCs and Infinite Equipment/Instant Deployment)


Another good option to add would be to have timers not go down, or go up, so you can do achievements that require to be done in time, or getting the Longfellow trophy.


does anyone know what “teleport to last bullet” does/how to get it to work?


Or if you need to have the achievment just use S.A.M. steam achievment manager


For some reason, Infinity doesn’t load the game correctly, whenever I press on the “play” button, the game loads normally, but the “play” icon doesn’t change into a “tick” icon and none of the cheats work or make any sounds, why is that happening?