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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Do you have additional mods installed and have deleted the DLL that interferes with the cheats?


No, I don’t have any other mods and I haven’t done anything with the DLL, maybe this happens because of the game’s version? I haven’t updated the game in a very long time.


Then update it or use a version of the trainer that matches your version of the game.


I assume you are using a cracked version of the game then?


…yes, and I am aware that Infinity doesn’t support cracked copies of any games ( although It did work with some games).


See mr.snakes answer up there. Thats the fix for it


Is there any way to run mods alongside this. Whenever I launch the cheats with Infinity payday 2 wont even open


No. Cant use mods and the trainer


Hello I started using Infinity Mod 1 month ago for Payday 2 it works fine except that when I get tased my game crashes. I then tried fixing it by lowing the amount of mods to one and it still crashes, How can I solve this problem?


Why there is no latest version of the cheats? I can’t use the cheats in the game.


The cheats were created to work over updates so it doesn’t need to be updated everytime. What issue are you having?


It’s just can’t enable all of the cheats options when I get start with the play button of the trainer.


any solution about this? Please


You can’t enable any of them or just some of them?


all of them


Is there a check next to play?


What do you mean? As I saw there was no button called check. Also it mention No supported trainers available


That just means the meta data hasn’t been updated but doesn’t matter. You need to click play to use the cheats.


but I use the older version that can’t enable all the cheats


Did you click play? You are the only one saying nothing works.