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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


If there is no way to be invisible or to disable alarms with this does anyone know how to do it otherwise?


any plans for developing a feature to carry multiple bags and duplicate said bags in the future?


it says it doesnt support my version of the game


When running this trainer in payday 2 I am forced to completely turn Infinity off and restart missions in order to continue.
Objectives do not complete and I am unable to interact with mission objective object- clicking F does not function when attempting to finish objective-
example–at beginning of game going to hack computer at FBI I am able to insert the USB drive, but once it is done "hack’, I click F and nothing further occurs. Unable to retrieve drive, unable to complete mission, forced to shut down game and infinity restart game, mission and then proceed. This occurs in any mission, any time I am required to press F to proceed-

heists fail as I am unable to reactivate drill
truck mission on highway fails as I am unable to remove drill and open truck to reach safe

I have had this happen multiple times and have confirmed by turning off infinity and restarting game/mission which then continues as normal.


checked today for the first time. i have completed a few missions with it. looks like gg. “instant interactions” needs to be disabled if you wanna grab usb-flash without fail (training missions)


thank you.
checked my version I was using, version marked Dec 31, 1969? was flagged as current version was the one that failed
below it, april 2018, worked. completed jewelry store and did not lose save.
also started game then started trainer. not sure if that mattered.


keep playing Payday 2… “Instant Interactions” sometimes needs to be disabled (without restarting) to enter the car or for some other specific actions. and as some other people mentioned earlier ‘stealth-only’ missions aren’t super easy, but you can use “Unlimited Equipment” and “Cops Don’t Shoot” cheats, grab endless bodybags instead of turrets and try to kill all humans ony by one without worrying about being detected by walking guards. also, i found that 2 missions are completely uncompletable even when i use Wemod+only one “Unlimited Health” cheat: Firestarter Day 3 - when i’m trying to setup drill by pressing F i’m getting crash all the time - solved in co-op by playing with other people, simply let them start drilling without touching anything. and another problem at this moment: Alesso Heist mission - after putting 3 or all 6 circle cutters i can’t take them back to my inventory, it says “you can’t carry more”, even if i have “Unlimited Equipment” cheat disabled (important note - some cheats require to click “restart mission” 2 times in a row to take the effect without going back to the main menu). and also: Counterfeit mission - after getting plate (printing matrix) need to escape, or, if you start printing then you can’t take plate back.


Works great


Firestarter one is not caused by WEMOD. This happened to me anyway even before Ive used INFINITY. Its a bug in the engine which is caused by a certain variable setup and your console - especially prominent if you do not disable the electrified vault before prompted by the game.


is anyone having a glitch were when you load up the game all the colors and textures are messed up


You’re unable to take cutter and printing plate due to it already being in your inventory. This happens when you have the “Unlimited Cable Ties” cheat on. It not only gives unlimited cable ties but also unlimited misc equipment like cutters/ plate etc. So if the missions have these items, it’s best to disable that cheat. You’ll also face this problem in Reservoir Dogs while opening the garage doors, you will not be able to take back the drill if you have the cheat on. Hope that helped.


PLEASE upgrade the trainer to the new patch.


May I ask, how do you use the teleport to last bullet cheat? I don’t know what its supposed to do exactly or how to use it. also, I’ve seen talk of an invisibility cheat, will that be put in anytime soon?


how do you fix it then?


I wonder when they will finaly fix the trainer…


it does not let me occupy the hacks or mods


Trainer fails to start, saying that it’s incompatible with the current game version. Update?


invisible mode when


are we going to get an update for the trainer with the inclusion of the invisibility cheat as i only play single player and also love that option as i do like to steath missions when i can as i play alone and i suck at stealth thanks unknown_v2


Just a heads up for people about this trainer for this game. @unknown_v2 hasn’t been online for a while and to be honest we don’t know if he is coming back to WeMod. I highly doubt this trainer will be updated anytime soon unless some other trainer creator takes over this one. In the meantime this trainer is no longer working for current Payday 2. So there’s no point posting stuff that was done by unknown_v2 for any reason because he hasn’t been seen in a long time.

Sorry guys, tough love…I’d personally love to see this worked on and updated but until @Unknown_v2 comes back there really no point asking for a updates on any games his done.