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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam



throwing more than 3 grenades per mission/day or trying to host unpurchased DLCs (using other trainers) will mark you as “cheater” in CrimeNet Online until the end of the mission/day. When you change mission your cheater tag deletes. You can use this trainer in online as well, everything will work. But when you join someone elses game you can’t use infinite turrets option, even if the host has endless turrets option enabled. I think that’s all.


thank you so much for letting me know. I almost got detected as a cheater cause I used more than 3 first aid kits. I’ll try to be more discreet, so far I love the software, but I really love the community forums too, so helpful!


I can’t use this mod because it says I don’t have the correct game version. Is there anyone who can help me?


Just pick the trainer and click play. if it asks you if you want to try using it click yes.
It works with the newest version


i tried the newest trainer but it tells me the trainer failed to load


Uninstall any other mods you have for the game, disable your av, and delete the dll listed in this thread.


well only mods i have is just astethic changes and wolfhud so they should not interfear


Yes they do. Anything that changes any game file needs to be uninstalled.


How to convert or who do i ask if its possible to get the carry stacker mod to work with wemod. I love that mod but obviously it cant work with wemod at the same time.


carry stacker isn’t an option, it’s a mod that require to add additional files to the game. meanwhile this trainer works without adding any extra files. you can’t ask anyone, scroll up and read why, all possible questions are already been answered.


Ah I see. Too bad. Oh well. Maybe one day if i figured out how to find hp and ammo with cheat engine I could combo it with the mod. Been trying but i dont think im experienced enough :frowning:


Also, for some reason on the firestarter job, on day 3 at the bank, wemod causes the game to crash the moment i set the drill up. Did it 4 times and each time the same deal. Not sure what is different between firestarter and doing the bank by itself. When doing the bank by itself, there is no problems.


update trainer please, it crashes a lot


can you update?


what are you talking about?


can you please help me when i open the trainer its says oh your game version is not combatible please help


Doesn’t matter. press yes and just use it.
If you get no yes or no option deactivate your antivirus and delete the IPHELPAPI.dll in your game folder be sure to have no mods active


@unknown_v2 Hi, can you change, instead of putting levels put experience points for the perks, because when we put levels we can’t convert the experience for perks.


Unknown had to leave for personal reasons so unfortunatly nothing can be done.