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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I’m having none of those issues. Teleport section still worked.


For me, teleport just don’t do anything.
Also, if you have no problem, what is your version of the game.


Whatever the newest version is. I downloaded it again this morning.


I, too have the newest version and either nothing or work half of the time.

What I am doing that made this ?

edit: It’s said on Wemod that the last supported version is the 30th april, my version is the 21 december (the last version).


Yes. So, stop the spread of desinformation


Version number is not an accurate representation of what is supported. A lot of trainers don’t “support” the newest version but they still work.


Been a long time since I played this game. If I use these cheats, will I be branded with Cheater above my head?


No not if you play singleplayer and not online.


cheater tag dissapears after completing heist or when switching between day 1 and day 2, so it absolutely doesn’t matter. don’t throw more than 3 grenades per heist to do not get that tag


After I come back to the game after quitting, the skills I unlocked are gone, along with all my skill points. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks


To edit stats and cash, first load a CRIME.NET OFFLINE mission and then enable the options.



I know that, but after unlocking the skills it will revert to 0 after quitting game and coming back


Because you’re trying to spend more than 120 skill points


i was wondering why that mod wasnt working!


Trainer desn’t work at all, nothing works it’s pointless to use it i have latest version of the game. I guess some have magic abilities so they make trainer to work with their version of the game.


Everything still works. Please read the trainer notes and read through the thread.


Yes i read the trainer notes but it just don’t work. I Start the in offline mode then start the mission and use let’s say unlimited health option or ammo and nothing happens. Or maybe i should upgrade to pro version to make it work…


Pro will not make the trainer work any different, where is your copy of the game from?


Ok the trainer works now i don’t know what was wrong with it, i reinstall the game on steam and now its ok.Unlimited health and ammo works didn’t check other options will do it later, oh and i have this ultimate edition or something with all the dlc. I appreciate your work guys, thanks.


i’ve done some playing and today game crashes from time to time and i use only option to add skill points to get all the skills available. Also after you restart the game all the skills you have unlocked are gone so you have to unlock them again. Ok right no it’s impossible to play with trainer game always crash after some time no matter what