PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Same here, as far as i know everytime you try to add a level even by mistake in game due to shortcommands your level instantly just goes poof and you cannot use either guns or throwables due to unexplained reasons

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When will the trainer be updated?

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hi after the most recent update of the trainer the birth of the sky heist crashes when i jump from the plane.

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Hey guys my payday 2 game is crashing in birth of the sky and other heist too so when can we get a update on and i have removed the mods and im not using BLT mods or others mods

Anyone else waiting to see an Instant Drill, Carry Multiple Loot, Never Alert and No Movement Penalty (ie carrying heavy bags or weapons)?

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Could a dev please add a “point of no return” timer freezer?


this cheat is so ■■■■■■■ good but the funny thing is that it detects unlimited granades and kick you out of game but when you are shooting minigun for 20min sthraight nothing or you can take up 10 green motherfuckers and your healt or shield wont even flinch. the anti-cheat is weird for this but huge respect to who made this i am not the person who plays games and lv up day after day i just want the fun so thanks :slight_smile:

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over all great cheats but i would love to see some like 0 detection or speed cheats come to it. i dont think changing the game speed is nearly as good as just changing my speed. and 0 detection just meaning being spotted is impossible.

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Invisibility please?

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Is there any way to get a button that actviates Overdrill in First world bank?

Does anyone know if its possible to use them in the Anniversary event?

You can, make a private lobby, and boom you are good.

I couldn’t identify which one yet, but one or more cheat locks all missions with driveable vehicles, making you unable to escape and softlocking those missions.
Otherwise still very good selection

Does this still work today? Looks like trainer is 3 months old and game was updated recently.

Yes, the trainer still works.

the infinite sprint/Stamina doesn’t work anymore.
No Movement Penalty also not working anymore…
Unlimited Sentry Health is kinda funky sometimes work sometimes doesn’t
and lastly Shockproof crash your game where as before the update it didn’t for some reason…

(tested both Online and Offline) it don’t work some mod mess up the code…
cough cought update cough cough*

also tested both on Steam and Epic also no work same mod that I listed here as of today still…
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Just tested it myself

Unlimited Stamina - Working
Unlimited Sentry Health - Working
Shockproof - Working and no crashes

It seems No Movement Penalty doesn’t work though.

trying to do meltdown quest but it wont let me drive or enter the forklift and need to do this to continue the story missions please help

that’s becuase you had instant Interaction/Fast Interaction on turn it off and should be able to drive any car or forklift