PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

yeah mine as well

don’t use shock proof

srsly no joke don’t use shockproof no kidding

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the vault door is electrified, you need to disable the circuit breaker on the roof before placing the drill or the game will ctd if shockproof in turned on

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add continental coins is broken rn

is there a chance for ghost mode to be added?

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Hello, is there any way you can make this trainer work with SUPERBLT? It would really be very good and I would appreciate it, also if you think in the future to use some cheat to go unnoticed in stealth mode, like a “ghost” mode.

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To be clear, this is NOT an issue with the WeMOD trainer/cheat system. This mission glitch is a base game bug that was reported (please don’t quote me on the date here) I believe something in 2015, and was simply never corrected. The fix that was described “Go to the roof, break into the security room and turn off the power to the vault door to de-electrify it” works properly. However you will encounter this issue with, or without the trainer.

I was actually looking for an update on this as well. I know Ghost/Invis has been a thing, through at least two different developers of this trainer, but it had to be pulled out for re-design and updating. Curious what the status of having it re-added might be, or if the decision has changed not to replace the option.

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My game started crashing suddenly since the update, could anyone confirm it? There’s a possibility my GPU is with issues too.
Any loud mission when cops start coming after some minutes it crashes without warning or something similar, it’s like game quit by itself.
I set those configurations:
Unlimited health
Unlimited stamina
no fall damage
no movement penalty
flashbang immunity
concussion grenade immunity
unlimited cable ties
unlimited equipment
unlimited ammo
no recoil
no spread
no civilian death penalty
unlimited pagers
instant interactions
cops don’t shoot
unlimited sentry health
unlimited sentry ammo
super fire rate
armor piercing rounds

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when i start the Free Bird Career game then game crashing after few mins or less

when i start the Free Bird Career game then game crashing after few mins or less
and The Search Mission same

The Diamond Heist is crashing while playing with wemod
its need update really guys someones should take care of this

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Hi Wemod,

possible bug/incompatibility…

recent payday2 patch (in steam) has introduced launch options for new cpu type support (2021+), i tried using that, but wemod won’t work with that option…

please take a look… thanks man…

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please help 2 days i try fix and im tired i pay 60+eur and dont work please fix this problem

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every cheat works even in the new launch option for me, the only problem i’ve been facing is the “add 100m offshore”. yes, i have tried it multiple times, when in the mission lobby menu (offline), as well as during the mission (offline). i’ve also tried it in the menu, going to offline mode then returning to menu. this works with the “add 100m cash”.

Is it possible to disable infinite mission equipment? (Blood vials, saws, keycards, gasoline, etc.)

add option to complete 4 man missions , solo