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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer


are we going to get an update for the trainer with the inclusion of the invisibility cheat as i only play single player and also love that option as i do like to steath missions when i can as i play alone and i suck at stealth thanks unknown_v2


Just a heads up for people about this trainer for this game. @unknown_v2 hasn’t been online for a while and to be honest we don’t know if he is coming back to WeMod. I highly doubt this trainer will be updated anytime soon unless some other trainer creator takes over this one. In the meantime this trainer is no longer working for current Payday 2. So there’s no point posting stuff that was done by unknown_v2 for any reason because he hasn’t been seen in a long time.

Sorry guys, tough love…I’d personally love to see this worked on and updated but until @Unknown_v2 comes back there really no point asking for a updates on any games his done.


It would be cool if you could make it so you can add perk deck points @unknown_v2? Thanks for making the rest!


Yeah, does it freeze up but still have sound?


I have completed every map in this game. only problematic is Firestarter Day 3 (Bank Heist) with WeMod. when i drop the drill bag it says I should press F to start drilling and right after pressing i’m getting crash, even if I don’t have any wemod options enabled at this moment. Also, playing on the same map - regular Bank Heist (not Firestarter job) doesn’t give any crashes, so only Firestarter is uncompletable for me. seems like the only solution is to play co-op and let someone else start drilling.
error message: Application has crashed: C++ exception_
_[string “core/lib/utils/coreevent.lua”]:37: Callback to function “clbk_exit_to_std” is on a nil class.


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on_request_lobby_slot_reply() lib/managers/menu/menulobbyrenderer.lua:277
_entered_menu() lib/managers/menu/menukitrenderer.lua:80
open() lib/managers/menu/menulobbyrenderer.lua:98
open() lib/managers/menu/menukitrenderer.lua:45
open_menu() core/lib/managers/menu/coremenumanager.lua:87
open_menu() lib/managers/menumanager.lua:367
at_enter() lib/states/ingamewaitingforplayers.lua:415
trans_func() lib/states/gamestate.lua:22
_do_state_change() core/lib/utils/game_state_machine/coregamestatemachine.lua:124
end_update() core/lib/utils/game_state_machine/coregamestatemachine.lua:104
end_update() lib/setups/setup.lua:901
end_update() lib/setups/gamesetup.lua:774
end_update() lib/setups/networkgamesetup.lua:33


     payday2_win32_release  (???)     ???                    
     payday2_win32_release  (???)     zip_get_name              
     payday2_win32_release  (???)     zip_get_name 

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_update_check_actions() lib/units/beings/player/states/playertased.lua:146
update() lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard.lua:436
update() lib/units/beings/player/states/playertased.lua:133



It has something to do with the tazing thing then probably. Game just loves crashing, might not even be the trainer.

And don’t expect any changes, creator apparently doesn’t want to work with infinity trainers anymore.


after over9000 attemps i found that if i press F while in the air the game won’t crash to the desktop.


is there a way to make the drill go instantly?


BLT mod supports instant drilling and many other things


It needs to be updated bc it says there is no trainers for this version.


No idea which mod is affecting that because I turned off and then on 1 by 1 and didn’t help. so problem is that for some stuff where you put drill on and when it finishes its still on doors / or when hacking PCs they wont let me grab USBs etc. you get it… How you guys get around with this (if you have same problem) ?


Please update this to match current version


turn-off the “Unlimited cable ties” before putting the equipment which you’ll need to take back


best way to use this trainer is (for example) set as F2 - instant interactions, F3 - unlimited cable ties, F4 - cops don’t shoot (for stealth missions), F5 - slow motion, F6 - add 600 skill points and F1 for everything else. so, F2-F5 are situational options


and you have to play every mission at least 2 times to learn and remember how to use this trainer options correctly


The version is not support the game. If you turn off god mode and taser shock you the game crash, some Equipments not unlimited anymore, like the wooden board, pickup mission equipment, etc… Also when playing, random crash appear. Please Update the Trainer.
Thank you


Same goes for me, the trainer need to get updates… I too kept getting crash for 3 games. Is it the options issue or … I no idea…


when you have god mode enabled and you’re getting shocked with electo-traps (Firestarter Day 3 or Goat simulator Day 1) it causes on crash.
as you can see the trainer maker is out for 2 years, so if you need you can make your own trainer


try to read. everything works except specific places where you need to disable some options.


Someone for the love of Chains update this