Payday 2 crashes when returning to main menu (while using trainer)

hey…when i am using the Payday 2 trainer on infinity,after i do a heist,when it’s returning to the main menu,the game crashes…it saves,but it crashes…i’m not complaining,because even though it crashes i still use it,and i love Infinity…but i was thinking if there is a way to fix this

Can’t give you a fix since I never used it but you could just deactivate all options before returning to the main menu as a workaround. I know bit tedious but it’s the only thing I personally can recommend you.
others may be able to help you more. Also check the payday 2 thread maybe someone already found a fix for it

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hm…ok i’ll try that…thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

No worries. Just checked and someone mentioned it’s the invisibility option that cause the game to crash in the menu

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hm…so if i disable the invisibility option,it’ll probably be ok?

ok,i tried,but it still crashed :confused: