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Paypal error please help

I’m trying to signup for the 7day trial with my PayPal but I get an error (There was a problem updating your payment method)

Email They will be able to assist with this.

Log into your PayPal account and make sure there aren’t any security alerts requiring you to prove your identity or a change in their terms that you need to accept. From a browser, not from their app, which has limited functionality.

If you have a Visa Electron attached to your PayPal as your main payment method - Many online retailers will not accept Electron cards. Visa Electron cards are issued by banks to people with a poor credit history or those who are at risk of over-spending or regularly owing the bank large overdraft fees. There is no way for an online retailer to check that you actually have enough funds on the card, so rather than risk not being paid at all they reject the card. I don’t know if WeMod is one of the retailers that rejects Electron, though. If WeMod does reject Electron, you’ll probably need to discuss with your bank about the possibility of upgrading to a different card.

If there are no issues with your PayPal account or if you’re not using an Electron attached to your PayPal account, email WeMod at the address given by @User_N4m3 above.
If WeMod cannot help, then you’ll probably need to get in touch with PayPal’s customer support to ask what’s going on - from experience myself, good luck with that, lol.