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Hi guys i never used paypal before ether has anyone in my household so i have question to ask. is there a way i could use paypal to buy things online without linking a bank account to my paypal account i made a paypal doesnt have anything linked i ask cause i can put paypal gift cards in to the paypal account does anyone know if i could ? or do i need a bank account to do that to ?

You dont need to link your bank account. That’s just if you are going to do a withdrawal to your bank account.
As long you have a visa gift card, you can use it.
Aka 16 digit, expiry date and cvv. That format on the card

Another way would to transfer money from your bank to PayPal, it dont need linking but for most countries its a pain in the ass and takes 2 days before you have it on your account.

You will have limits on your account without a bank account, i think its withdrawal/uploading funds limit or sending can’t remember exactly.

You do need to attach either a bank or a credit card. If you don’t, Paypal will hold your money and limit your account until you add either of those. In some cases, they might even ask for your personal identification but they rarely do that for US accounts and more so for Asian/kind of third world countries.

So if you intend to use it without a bank or CC/DC then don’t put too much money in it and absolutely NEVER use fake info that you can’t verify.

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Everything is limited without having both a bank account and CC linked. It is all about limiting losses and they are required by federal law here in the US to get the information so they can keep track of who is sending money where to help with money laundering. I think you limited to like $200 send/withdrawal amounts.

In some cases, they might even ask for your personal identification but they rarely do that for US accounts and more so for Asian/kind of third world countries.

They didn’t ask for my ID but I was required to submit my SSN. The locked my account until I submitted it.

Buying stuff from ebay through paypal required a cc last time I checked.

If you have funds in your paypal account you can make purchases on ebay without a cc linked. I currently don’t have any bank accounts or credit cards on my paypal. I sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist and some people pay me with paypay and i ship the item to them. The only downside to this is I can’t transfer the funds to a bank account. I can only spend it on ebay and other online places that except paypal.

I actually had enough money on my account (recived a refund earlier ). I usually have a cc linked but I removed it temporarily due to security concerns.

alright cool so i made a account i have a visa card if i put that in it i can get paypal gift cards right and use it to buy stuff online like amazon and stuff and they cant touch my money ? i dont plan and putting more then 100 bucks at a time and @Sykotik i have one :slight_smile:

What do you mean by "get PayPal gift cards?"
PayPal simply acts as a middleman to process your payment and gift you a sense of security in case you’re scammed. Since you’ve linked your Visa prepaid card to your PayPal, you can use your PayPal to purchase things online off of websites like Amazon, eBay, G2A (video games), cdkeys, any website you can think of that accepts PayPal. The money will still be taken off of your Visa once you pay, but no PayPal will not touch your money unless you buy something or are hacked.
Also in case you’re wondering, if you sell something on eBay or Amazon, you will get paid through PayPal and that money will add up in your PAYPAL BALANCE (think of it as an internet ATM), currently $0.00 since it does not reflect what money is on your card since that is not PayPal’s card. You can then use this PayPal balance to purchase stuff online, and money will be deducted from the balance first, if the balance is not enough, then your card will be charged.

the visa has 0 dollars on it and what i mean by paypal is on a site they send u 5 dollars to my paypal account i assume it would go to paypal balance right

Yes. If someone sends you money Using PayPal it goes to your available PayPal balance. If you bought something with say a debit card, and had an issue with the sale and were refunded by the seller, that money would go back to the card/source that you used to pay for that item/service.

yea ok good to know :slight_smile:

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Hey Wemod, When i try to buy pro free trial it says ‘there was a problem updating your payment method’ what do i do?

Hi all! :slight_smile:
I try to buy pro, but it gives error ‘there was a problem updating your payment method’

I want to buy pro, because I love WeMod :wink:

I have tried to both Visa Electron and Paypal! I have enough money to buy pro plan with monthly payment in card and paypal! What to do?

Please email They will be able to assist.