PC Keeps Restarting By Itself After Shutdown - Help Please

I got this free laptop off craigslist last week. The guy said it was screwed up and he couldn’t log in because when he used the keyboard it didn’t type the right characters, he said he was sick of looking at it and just wanted it gone. I was thinking the keyboard’s probably shot. I was lucky enough to see the ad about 5 min after it was posted and got the call back to come pick it up. So I go pick it up, get home and plug it in, yup the keyboard seems shot. I removed it and used some compressed air on it and made sure it was plugged in properly, it was still shot, plugged in a USB keyboard and it worked perfectly. I got a new keyboard off ebay for $8, it came in on Monday. I put it in and it worked like new. I know this is a fairly low end laptop but it’s in pristine condition and for $8 into it it’s a score.

So it was working fine for a couple days, I probably powered it down a good dozen times or more and it did what it was supposed to do and stayed off. So yesterday I turn it on and mess with it for a little while and power it off and within a second of shutting down it powers back up, I’ve tried a bunch of possible fixes I’ve found by Googling and it still keeps doing it. I’ve gone as far as resetting it back to how it came out the box when new, still didn’t fix it. I even removed the hard drive just to see if it would still do it after getting the no boot device found boot screen, after powering it down with the power button it starts back up on it’s own again. I’ve already ruled out the power button being stuck or faulty because if I remove the battery to shut it down and put it back on it doesn’t start back up on it’s own, and it doesn’t shut down or go to sleep on it’s own when it on.

I’m usually able to figure things out on my own, with some help from Google of course. But this ones got me stumped, so I’m asking for help lol. If anyone has any ides on what might be causing this please let me know. Thanks guys.

It sounds like there’s a short somewhere on the motherboard that’s triggering the restart. Have you tried taking it apart and putting it back together? lol

Have you tried putting it to sleep mode and removing the battery and charger?

I had to remove the old keyboard, that’s all I did as far as taking it apart. It’s just weird since it was working perfectly fine. If I have to take it apart I will. I’ve done it many time before so I know what I’m doing.

Yes sir. I literally tried every possible solution I found online. I think I’ll just end up ripping it apart and rebuilding it.

Definitley a short.

You said you removed the keyboard, many laptops have a shield that covers the motherboard and rest of the internals, make sure that’s in as well if there was one. Sometimes they’re an annoyance to get back in, properly.

I’m very careful when I work on things. The shield/cover piece was not disturbed or removed during the keyboard removal or replacement. I’ve had this laptop for 12 days now and it just started doing it yesterday morning. It was fine after the replacement was installed. I will remove it and look closely for any shorts. Thanks for the advice.

I have no idea what could be wrong, but talk to Chris.

When I need help with something computer related, he’s my guy.

I have (had as it hasn’t happened in a while -crosses fingers that it doesn’t happen again at all-) the same issue with my PC, in my case it was due to overheating issues, so try cleaning it out (long shot) if you can as it helped slightly with my PC :3.

This thing is as clean as new. I think the guy I got it from just got a lemon out the box. I took it apart the other day and couldn’t find any shorts or anything that looked wrong. It’s really not that bad of a problem, it works perfectly fine, just restarts every time you shut it down. If you want it to stay off you either take off the battery and put it back on or let the battery die.

My old roommate’s desktop did, and still does, the same thing. I couldn’t find any shorts, but my guess is that a component inside was fried after being shorted.

So it restarts EVERY time you try to shut it down? Sounds like my desktop lel. Try holding the power button down to turn it off and try that a couple times. I know it sounds ******ed and like superstition crap, but for some reason when I get stuck in a reboot loop, doing that a couple times helps. Like holding the power to turn it off, let it reboot, repeat till its stable; very tedious but does the trick for me lol.

I would recommend posting to the HP Support Forums.

Possibly a useful thread: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Notebook-PC-Questions/Laptop-restarts-immediately-after-told-to-shutdown/td-p/2945749

Last time I got stuck in a boot loop I had to reinstall windows to remedy the issue

I’ve seen that before too. I booted my roommate’s PC into a linux distro on a flash drive, shutdown, and it still turned itself back on. Very strange…