[PC] Your Experience With GTAV So Far

I’ve been playing it for about 3 hours with a mid/low end pc on very high settings with no issues at all. The wsad driving is really nice with no mouse acceleration the shooting in the game is really enjoyable as well. If you fear getting the game because of GTAIV, don’t! The game was very well made and worth the buy. well… to me it is. I’ve bought it 3 times 360/X1/PC.

Have any of you bought it yet? If so what do you think.

Should you buy it. YES

Gonna be upgrading my GPU in a couple weeks, thinking about picking this up. Can you transfer your Xbox characters? Or do you have to start fresh? What kind of exclusives does the PC version have?

Yes you can transfer.

I’ve been having alot of fun with it, I don’t drop below 60fps with everything maxed @ 1080p.

I’ts going a lot better than MKX that’s for sure.

Nice. What are your specs?

So far nothing special. The Rockstar video editor is about it. If you give it a couple months I’m sure mods will start coming out.

I’ve been playing for a couple hours and I have no words to describe it other than impeccable.
Everything is impressively smooth and I have not experienced any major issues, at least not yet. Highly recommend it.

If anyone is down to play sometime soon, add me on Steam: samplezzz (Halex)

i7 4790k
GTX 970

that moment when you only have 200k q-q

dont you want to get one more and put that bad boy in SLI :thumbsup:

Selling it when (hopefully) the GTX 980 Ti drops and picking one of them up.

Only issue I have had is the HORRIBLE loading times and trying to connect to your friends game is almost hopeless. The latter can be fixed I think with proper people hosting.
Also, I would have to disagree with the driving. The fact that A and D are 100% left and 100% right make my Xbox One controller a much better option while driving any vehicle.

Anyone feel free to add me - my name is totallytrav (surprise)

What cpu and vid card are you using?

i’m exactly same with a 4570k at 4.5ghz and a 290x at 1200Mhz on core and 1500 on mem. Infact i FPS locked it to 60FPS as it makes it smoother for me.