Pepper's Go Pro Stuff

Herroh der, I just got my GoPro Hero 2 in today and I figured I’d make a thread for it. I’ll post stuff like testing videos, races, and whatever else anyone suggests. For now though, all I have is a couple of pictures:

And as soon as the adhesive dries for an hour or so, I’ll have some testing videos.

So start giving me idea’s on what to do!

Go jump off the CN Tower and record it for me?

I don’t mean that in a mean way, I think it would be cool to watch… O_o

I plan on skydiving within the next two weeks over Vegas, does that count?

Yes. It does. That would be awesome.

Edit: Maybe gopro some burnouts or some acceleration videos within your trucks/cars?

Stevie, do you live in Toronto?

and go do some extreme downhill dirt biking and crash for us or something.

I want one for my dirt bike trips.

use dat **** to record gameplay vids,

Would be still better than 95% of the YT-gameplays recorded with potatoes.

If I can find a way to mount it, sure. I got the motorsport edition so I don’t have handlebar mounts or straps for it. Spose I could ratchet strap it to my chest…

Couldn’t you just mount it to the helmet?

Ottawa, unfortunately.
I was in Toronto for the first time the other month in North York and went around to Niagara and what not, and it’s really nice there. Love the ****ing highways.

I don’t wear a helmet for that. The only two helmets I have is a Fox street helmet and an unvented Fulmer which is too heavy and big for MBing. I normally don’t wear a helmet riding a bike, either.

You should go for an awesome quad ride? & do you Dirt bike?

Used to ride dirtbikes, haven’t since I totaled my KTM. Quad videos will be up soon.

oh, 4 stroke or 2? I ride a 4 stoke CRF 100.

2004 KTM 250 2-stroke.

ride this off a cliff and record it for me please :wink:

Open Me

I can arrange something like that… but come one guys, be realistic.

Just do something extreme :laughing:

do a backflip over a train on your four wheeler, or just some cool jumps. Go play paintball, defiantly go sky diving it’s awesome.

If you ca drift, do that. Or some races haha.