Persona 3 Reload Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I think what they meant was they also want to get an answer for your question.


How do persons ID’s work? Do you just type that numerical value next to the persona in the slot on the We Mod menu? Also, at what level do those personas appear after you input their ID?

they are whatever level the persona you are using as the base is so say you change the id on a lvl 90 it would be a lvl 90

Adding a cheat to add all skill cards would be greatly appreciated. It’s certainly safer than trying to mod skills on your personas and risking the game crashing.

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Are you able to use them in turn based combat throughout Tartarus? Also then, if you’re trying to make Helel or Orpheus Telos it’s best to wait until the very end of the game to have your base level persona at the highest level for when you add the other personas in? If that makes sense?

sorry i have another problem, pls help me, i didn’t use any cheat for gain xp but i don’t know how and why wemod set up the trainer for me automatically while gaming, at one point lori who wasn’t in the team and another characther gained a lot of xp and reached the 99 lvl, i was thinking the problem was that wemode set up the trainer, so a reload a lot of time the save file without the mod and the problem still unsolved, is this a bug or something else? i don’t want to ruin my experience with the game for this, pls help

thx for the table
is it possible to add unlimited theurgy skills ?


I second this. Some sort of theurgy multiplier or a thing where theurgy never gets depleted would be very nice.

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yes and no since lvl of the ingredients isnt as important since you can also just change skills with this trainer but do note that if you have lvl 99 unless they changed it you cant change skills at that lvl with the trainer so do any changes before then or just change when you make it if you go that route

Thanks for the cheats! Just wanted to mention that the social link point multiplier doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve had it at x5 and later x10, but there are still moments where I’ve gone to hang out with a social link, only to find out I somehow didn’t get enough points to rank up even though the cheat is active.