Persona 4 Golden

This just came out can we get some cheats for this legendary game(Ps2/Vita)
Fast leveling,Max cash,max items,ect

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Hello there. :slight_smile:

Here at WeMod, trainers are made if there is enough interest from the community via voting for the game through the WeMod desktop app. As long as the game is not server-sided.

  1. Search for the game in the WeModd desktop app
  2. Click the result in the left panel.
  3. Click “Vote”.

Click here to see the current voting progress.

We need more people voting for this one to get mods ASAP thanks

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The creeping increase of necessary tokens gets me a little worried, but at least it’s passed the threshold now. Hopefully, a trainer for this game comes out soon.

any update on if this trainer is coming soon? its the highest requested trainer of games that are available atm

Hello! :slight_smile:

We do not give ETAs or status updates on trainers. There are too many factors which affect it. Not only that there is a queue to get through but there are sometimes technical things in the game engine itself which needs to be worked around.

It’ll be released as soon as humanly possible is all we can say. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the update atleast! any communication is better then no communication :slight_smile:

Hey guys.

–> Persona 4 Golden Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

Thank you for your votes and patience. Also, don’t forget to say thanks to @STiNGERR. :slight_smile: