Persona 5 Royal Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Changing the coop level doesn’t seem to work, and it doesn’t go up to the required level after the conversation

The unlimted all items option no longer works.

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I can’t use Unlimited all items - the cheat keeps turning off immediately after activating it. I’ve already tried to reinstall the entire program and it still does the same thing

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Unlimited Items cheat is broken. It just toggles back off when enabled and has no effect. Could this be related to the Unlocking cheats for gear?

  1. Unlimited Items cheat is broken…
  2. I don’t know how to operate Edit Confident Point.
    After specifying points in the order of confidants that appear on the monitor, the level was raised, but it did not actually apply.

The Persona 5 Royal cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

The EXP gain is not working for me (also not for persona/allies). It did work like 2 weeks ago. (Tried 20 battles because of the info, but still didnt work)

EDIT: Nvm it was mb! the exp are added after battle, was just looking on the battle report

I’ve been using the fem amiymiya mod and the game freezes everytime I use wemod on the modded version, is this a matter of trying to find a new .exe to launch from or an unfixable problem?

So here is my question so tou added mods for items and stuff but you never added the guns? Why is that? Lol

Is there any reason why any of these mods doesnt works on my steam version?

Doesn’t look like there’s any recent update, you might want to contact our tech support on discord.