Personal oppionion to all game hackers

hello I personally feel that hackers are no general just board and looking for an excuse to hack but i also feel that making a game one sided is just beyond rude while i approve of mods that make custom looks and fields its just not right to run around online in god mode while in public simply because its too unfair but banning for camo mods and non functioning gear mods are also unfair. most people are too lazy to pay (simply charge them anyway) or just board with the looks of the game but again running in a competitive match in public online is beyond rude so i plead with hackers to keep it in private matches

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to HorizonMB![size=9]

Please, no more anti-mod protesting, this is the wrong place for that.[/size]

blah you got me…guess i will stop my modding ways :cry: and not mod Skyrim and GTA ect ect you broke my heart now :cry: welcome to Horizon :smiley:

oh no… now what !!!

what word is this in your topic —> oppionion <— , can’t find this in dictionary. :sunglasses:

Its oppi mixed with onion. Dont you know.

hacking is fun

Sh**! They’ve found us!

Modders! Retreat!!

Agree. God mode and invisibility is pretty annoying, especially in Search and Destroy.

On the other side… Welcome to the forum! Stick around, don’t break the rules and happy modding! :smile:

this is going to annoy me… so here you go


understandable if he posted this on a site like 7S since they have lobbies etc daily.
but to post on a site which the majority of modders are for offline games through horizon is beyond me

It’s bad to hack games? I guess I will just pour lighter fluid on my RGH and use it to toast marshmallows… Or I could just boot up and play Advanced Warfare.