Pets of WeMod

Got a 4 legged companion? How about a feathered friend? Post pics of your pets or tell us about them here!
Here, have a look at My Willy:

LOL, I can never resist. His name is William but I call him Willy, Billy, Boofer and Meatwad. He’s a lovable soul, has some odd tendencies (will bark at anything in the house if it’s not in it’s usual place) and likes to sleep in our chairs when we are not using them.

"Hey dad! Can you guess what I’ve been doing while you and mom we’re at work?!
He likes to play DigDug irl.

  " CINDY "
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So cute. Thank you for sharing. I wish I had pictures of my cats still, but my old hard drive bit the dust. :sob:

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