Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

When will we see Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis here in WeMod not in the Xbox tag but in the Steam tag?

Hello! :wave::smiley:

You will never see a trainer for that game here at WeMod. Or any other trainer developer for that matter.

This is because it is an MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online - game.

  • Trainers are only ever made for single-player games, otherwise known as client-sided games.

  • Trainers work by injecting code into memory addresses within your PC’s RAM, which the game is running from.

  • Online games, otherwise known as sever-sided games, are running on a server hundreds to thousands of miles away from you, not on your PC. Therefore, there are no memory addresses in your RAM to inject cheat code into.

  • Aside from that:

    • Cheating online to ruin the game for other people is generally a very crappy thing to do.
    • You’ll get banned from the game for even trying to cheat online, whether it was a successful attempt or not.
    • Game development companies will sue people who try to create hacks that work in their online game modes. They will sue you into bankruptcy simply so that you virtually cease to exist.
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