Phantasy star universe mod tool request

Game Title: Phantasy star universe

Game ID:

the Mods I Want level edtior stats editor money editor wepons adder and a photton art level editor and exp editor and have max pp to

Index of / this is a stight download form my sever if anyone could make a mod tool for this will help a lot

Post some stats for xp,etc.

and I will look into your save.

alll sats

i believe there is only iso mods because the info is stored in their servers. I could be wrong.
Edit: it is possible but very hard to mod the sp. The best thing is you could clear system cache to go back to the title without all the weekly updates and mod it from that savee then download the updates. (just a thought)

I mean like post the ammount for each stat.

HP : 1779/1779
atp : 733
ata : 109
tp : 444
dfp : 178
evp : 109
mst : 115
sta : 20
exp :17563231
next lv :16416
meseta 1455036
alll sats
this is for offline story mode and extra mode
lvl 90
ex: lvl 1 to 100
wepons mp EX 9999/9999

As far as i know it cant be done as of my knowledge, something with the security. That was posted on se7ensins and a few other places but please dont let that stop you from trying :slight_smile:

it cant be done but i think the single player maybe able to be modded and extra mode if thats what you mean

singleplayer can be modded . mp has constant security updates - so you have to rewrite the tool proalby weekly .


theres a coding section on this site learn

how wasn’t talking about how to code.
the guy knows how to code. (But I guess you aren’t in-tuned with the many programmers [Like idlehands and myself with some few others that are known not just from here but from many other sites] that are around here).

He was asking how to mod single player, NOT how to write a mod tool for single player. (however he verywell might have been asking how to code the security every week in accordance to the security updates, which is NOT in the “coding” section as you very well stated.) Regardless, the guy is a programmer.

As for a mod tool, if you haven’t updated any title updates it was possible to mod single player before the FIRST update (from way back when, as far as I can remember) but they do have something every week or so to prevent those means. (I remember EONS back, that I was trying to mod it and next thing I know my save looked a little different, then a week or two later…again looked different. But that was about 4 years ago.

Ya I was talking about how to mod singleplayer, because everytime I look at my save it’s all encrypted and I can’t find my values… But iMichaeL Modz says singleplayer CAN be modded, and that’s why I asked How…

first off itz kinda of hard know a day . when the game first came out no security know itz upgraded constintley . 2nd check through the save repadtly through HXD OR CODE . itz pretty much a challenge . so good luck with that .


I already modded the single player raped it, latest title update matter a fact

So have I, it’s old news. I modded Story and Extra mode.

Nah what I did wasn’t old news probadly for PC lol

The mods I found for xbox360 was wicked if online was still available these will work, becuase I modded on latest update

Change to any jacket,pants,shoes, and hair on the fly
Change to any Race on the fly
Change to any type on the fly
No collision go through the lazers without keys
One kill instant 100
Inf mesha
Have 93948290734729 of any item

and there like 600+ codes was left from the game but I didnt bother to look in them because there was no need because I gotten useful stuff right here, but I guess if I would have kept going I would have found changing NPC on the fly now that would be bad ass, playing as sonic LOL