Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thank you good sir. You da best

Yeah they still both do not work for some reason.

Whats the likelyhood of me getting banned if i mod my level and currency offline then play online with friends?

can someone help me locate the link for the bypass download please and than you

I do it all the time and go and play with friends only. Just do not go into public games for then you can be reported and most likely banned

Both are working.


I know there banning people for modding/cheating, but does the game have an anti-cheat? Or is all player-based reports for banning? Safe to go into single player mod money and restart game without mod and play online?

Yes, the game has anti-cheat.

Can they detect money changes? I know if you have wemod open the game crashes.

i went to download the bypass and it came up having a tojan virus @MrAntiFun

Can a moderator please teach me why the bypass is labelled as a virus? :slight_smile:
Other bypasses I’ve done for other WeMods do not do this. I’m gonna hold off from buying membership again until this is fixed. Thank you for your hard work!

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Reveal Ghost type is not working, In Edge Field, and Reveal just says unknown

Please use the search feature as it has been explained many times throughout the thread.

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Can u add trainer where the bone is pls. Thank u.

Thanks Chris, after the 347th time I’ve explained it since July, I’ve given up.

this still doesnt work for me i launch the bypass and then nothing happens and then ill try to launch game through wemod and it says having trouble launching game

nvm i figured it out!

so i downloaded the bypass, start it and when i try to launch the game via steam or Wemod it just closes itself what am i doing wrong?

Can someone tell me why when I go to download the bypass my antivirus software detects a virus attached to the download?