Phil Spencer on Lack of New Backwards Compatibility News

[/img]Phil Spencer has been a busy Microsoft exec when it comes to billing upcoming announcements surrounding what games are going to become available when it comes to backwards compatibility. Spencer has actually teased more news regarding the Xbox 360 games that are going to be coming to the Xbox One. It turns out the company wasn’t ready to divulge any more info after all, and the Xbox One chief did a bit of a mea culpa on Twitter saying, “I seem to be bad at predicting news, sorry. Making good progress on BC, no issues. Just working through rights.”

After that comment, he made it clear that the “team” wasn’t ready to talk about more backwards compatible games just yet. He also made it clear that there weren’t any hangups or issues surfacing, it was just too early to give anymore concrete info. On that same issue, Spencer says that eventually, they want to be able to make these older games available on every Microsoft platform including Windows 10. It seems likely that will happen later, if at all.

When it comes to Games With Gold, Spencer was asked by one user if he had given any thought to bringing some mobile games into the offer for those who have Windows Phones. He responded that he felt that was a pretty good idea. Another user was more specific, thinking there should be two Windows Phone games per month just like is offered for the consoles. Again the Xbox chief answered he thought this was a good idea, but he certainly didn’t expound on whether the company had something brewing.