Phone App not connecting

My phone app is not connecting and nether is the link provided. I have tried the steps bellow:

We addressed and resolved the issue with you on Discord. But for others with this issue who might stumble upon this thread:

  1. Launch Task Manager. Locate all instances of WeMod (including under the “Background Processes” header).
  2. Right-click and select “End Task” on all WeMod processes.
  3. Close the app on your mobile device.
    4.You need to close the app properly, not just press the home button (this dismisses it to the background where it is actually still running). Closing apps correctly involves swiping them.*
  4. Re-launch both and try again.

If the issue still persists, go to and see if you are able to use the remote from there.

  • If you can use the remote from that link, then the issue is with your device’s interaction with the app. For example, a security program blocking the app’s connection with WeMod’s servers.
  • The app and that link are both the exact same thing.
  • You can place a shortcut to that link on your device’s screen/list of apps and use it instead of the one you downloaded from the app store.

Can this issue be looked into if its not already?