Photos of an Xbox One ‘Zebra’ Prototype

[/img]When creating a new console, the design is vital. In the design process a lot of different versions are crafted before the actual design is released. These prototypes come in all sorts of designs and colors and reddit user mamayer21 has posted a set of images from an early Xbox One prototype. According to the reddit post someone is actually selling this prototype. We couldn’t find the ad in which the prototype is being offered but it’s certain that this prototype was not meant for consumers.

The console has Microsoft stickers and according to several users on Reddit the striped ‘Zebra’ pattern on the console was different for every prototype that Microsoft sent off to developers. This was said to be done to identify the source if leaked early. The shots also show an early prototype Kinect with Microsoft stickers and an early version of the Xbox One option screen running on a tv screen.


Looks pretty good

Eh boring, I could design something better in 10 minutes, not too sound like I am bragging. The design doesn’t look like a Zebra pattern more like just abstract black and white shapes that were thrown together. Not much planning in the design in my opinion could of been perfected better.

This wasn’t a design concept to be mass produced though, like it says in the article the “zebra” design is unique to that prototype in order to identify the person who was issued the console if there were ever any leaked photos of it.

I know but still like let’s be honest the design is pretty aweful.

Looks like ****.

Hipster console

Solution: Paint your X1 prototype a different color, GG microsoft

Zebra doesn’t even look like that.