Photoshop Help!

(Wasn’t sure if i should put this thread here or in the tech section)

Okay so for a while i’ve dealt with this but now it’s bothering me a lot! When using the smudge brush or any brush for that matter the size & direction changes each time i click & it’s starting to annoy me a lot! is there any way to stop that? I’m well aware that i myself might of turned that on by mistake but cannot figure out how to stop it.

have you made sure youve not selected pressure?

this little icon

sorry if im of no use but im kinda stuck on what your asking :open_mouth:

It’s not that either sadly! sorry if i didn’t explain it that well! Mainly what i’m trying to say is that if i use the smudge brush & set it to a certain size & wanna use it lets say 24px, I set it to that but when i use the brush & click & let go of the left click the brush then changes size & the way i had it & rotates.

N i c k is the graphics king/god here. Your best bet is waiting for him to see this and reply.

I would pm n i c k.

If you want I could see what’s up with your Photoshop through Teamviewer, because I understand the problem you are having, but I really never had this happen to me before. I could see hands on how to fix the problem for you though and see what exactly is causing the problem.

Just PM me your Teamviewer ID and Password whenever you want.