Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Hello everyone! I have been learning alot in college about editing and alot from just watching other people work. I make tutorials every week for the basics of using photoshop and some of you might like them. Leave feedback for me, or suggest stuff for me to learn and show you.

My password was changed almost a year ago and i was just now able to get back on this site! Took a while! I missed this place! I also just posted a ton of new tutorials for you guys. PM me for things you would like to learn! Enjoy!

I post all my videos here Youtube Channel AlwaysImBored Remember to Stay up to date!

Create a GIF in Photoshop CS6 (Voice Tutorial) Posted 11/04/2012

Lasso Tool Basics for Photoshop CS6 (Voice Tutorial) Posted 10/09/2012

Marquee Tool Basics for Photoshop CS6 (Voice Tutorial) Posted 10/02/2012

Change Undo Preferences (Voice Tutorial) Posted 9/18/2012

Basic Shortcut Keys (Voice Tutorial) Posted 9/13/2012

Pen Tool Tutorial (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/14/2012

Content Aware Tutorial (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/13/2012

Gradient Tool Tutorial by Request (Voice Tutorial) Posted 6/24/2011

Make Clouds using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 6/08/2011

Animation Basics for Beginners using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/29/2011

How to Create a Cinema/Film Effect in Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/23/2011

How to Create a Planet out of a Picture of a City in Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/13/2011

How to Create a Custom Brush and Make Facial Hair in Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/12/2011

How to Enlarge Breasts Using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/11/2011

How To Restore a Damaged Photo Using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/5/2011

Selective Coloring using Adobe Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/2/2011

How to Paint a Car using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/2/2011

How to Paint and Design Walls using Photoshop (Voice Tutorial) Posted 5/2/2011

I will be updating this post every time i make a vid. For you photoshop pros…you started at the bottom as well, sooner or later ill catch up and my vids will be difficult and awesome.

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Nice work Prefire, i will definitely look into watching these since im a noob when it comes to Photoshop.

Off-topic: Where do you go to college?

Yah man i try to keep them basic and simple so everyone can understand and learn. I go to college at ITT Tech. And thanks for the feedback man :thumbsup:

Very nice, I actually didn’t know the last 2.

:thumbsup: well then stick around ill have a bunch of videos coming…

Hello everyone, i just recently added another tutorial to this list and will continue to add them every week.

OMG the first one is amazing <3

I like how your tuts are so easy to follow and they are simple, but yet the outcome is so awesome.



:smiley: lol yah i know. Thanks for the feedback.

Great contribution man. I’m gonna go ahead and just stick this now.
If you can update it with your new tutorials as you get around to doing them, it can stay as a sticky.


Congrats on the sticky :smile:

Congrats on your sticky btw.

I just saw it go up :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow man thanks! This will be updated for every tutorial i make. :smiley:

I’ve been really wanting to start learning how to use Photoshop for the past…hmm… couple of months… I have the program on my laptop, but I never bother opening it up and trying to figure what everything is. I’m too lazy. -_-

Good tutorials and grats on the sticky

Just try it out man, i felt the same way but after you find out the basics its fun to do.

I have posted a new video guys make sure to check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job on the sticky, and nice new video its “interesting”.

lol yah, and thank you.

I added a new tutorial on how to create your own custom brush and apply facial hair. Enjoy guys.