Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

i enjpoyed the planet city never thought of that, this is very interesting, did this when i used YouTube - How to create an exploding planet on Paint.NET heres my bad outcome By udnerbiter at 2009-04-30[/IMG]

I enjoy the breast enlargement.

How did you read my mind…Good tut’s

Great video’s! It always pissed me off when Ctrl+Z would only take me back once, Ctrl+Alt+Z=win! And I had no idea [ and ] could resize brushes, and the breast enlargement video was quite funny. Keep the video’s coming!

lol i bet you enjoyed that :laughing:

New tutorial posted! Cinematic effect. Looks epic. :smiley:

Please make a tutorial on making youtube backgrounds. I can’t find a good one anywhere, and I’m trying to learn how.


[b]Even better than on TTG

nice post man

keep up the good work ![/b]

Thanks Bro!

What’s the newest version of Photoshop, and is there any torrents for it on YouTube?

CS5 and yah im pretty sure there is.

New tutorial posted! Animation for beginners! Check it, Check it, Check it.

Prefire is a G, thanks i need to learn animation

Thanks man, i hope you enjoyed it!

Im glad you guys are enjoying these tutorials, i just posted a new one. Hope you like it.

I’m pretty sure I had a reply here before. :expressionless: Good thread though, I didn’t know Prefire was into creating Graphics. If so, good to hear. :thumbsup: Topic thanked. Always good to see a main thread with everything included in one to reduce singular topics. Continue updating man. :wink:

Yea buddy im into editing! Its fun and im glad you enjoy the post.

thank you very much

Nice post PreFire !

Seems Verry Helpful and helped me out alot :thumbsup:

Very simple tutorial just posted now… check it out. :smiley:

This is epic, I was actually doing Photoshop for the first time tonight, Was doing some of these without knowing anything. Than i found this. Helped so much. Thanks.

I hope you enjoy them man. You will learn quickly for sure with these videos. :smiley: