Pick a Case, Win Diamond+Paypal Money

Welcome to My Pick a Case Game!Hosted Daily
From Now on you Must type the word “Four” Before your number or your case wont count


Rules: [details=Rules Of the Game]You May Pick 1 Case Per Day.
Dont have a Fit if you Dont win
You can try your luck tomorrow
Dont Flame this Thread, Just trying to help Out

How to Play:[details=How to Play]Post the Case in which you think holds the prize. One case may be chosen per user per day. Once a case is chosen the person who picked the casees’ name will be next to it with the case # scratched out. If you have won or not one you will be contacted as fast as I Can VIA PM To let you know the outsome. 1 Or No cases may hold the prize, if you dont win. Try your luck tomorrow![/details]


Click to Show Cases

Case 1.
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4
Case 5
Case 6
Case 7
Case 8
Case 9
Case 10
Case 11
Case 12
Case 13
Case 14
Case 15
Case 16
Case 17
Case 18
Case 19
Case 20
Case 21
Case 22
Case 23
Case 24
Case 25
Case 26
Case 27
Case 28
Case 29
Case 30

[b]Possible Prizes:[/b]

[details=Click to Reveal Prizes]1 Month Diamond Membership
$2.50 Paypal
.50 Paypal
$1 Paypal
XboxMB Custom Wallpaper
XboxMB Custom Signature
10th Prestige Account
Invite+1 Friend to 10th Lobby
Xbox LIVE Gold Account
Xbox LIVE Silver Account
Modded GS Account With Modded Avatar[/details]

Donators get a mention in my Thread and also can have a case of their own where they can give prizes!

This thread will also be having giveaways of MSP, XBL Cards, 48 Hours, Diamond Membership! If you can donate any of these PM Me!

[u][b]Idea From Jimboslice on TTG[/b][/u]

[u][/u]Past Winners

[details=Past Winners]RelentlessG, You Have won an XboxMB Personilized Signature!
Congratulations Bop x JTAGZ, You have Won a XboxMB Wallpaper
Badillin You Won Either a XboxMB Wallpaper Or Signature![/details]CLC

I’m thinking case 18.


Case 7


case 12

Case 14

case 15

case 11

Case 30

13 :smile:

case 8

OHH MY GODD I WON! THANK YOU MAN:) send me a private match on details alrighty:)

Case 9.

Case 4

Case 10


Case 29

Edit: case # 6 becuase case 13 was taken by god

Case 13 :smiley: