PickCrafter cheats

this game is boring i want more picks and pps please make some cheats -anastasisariel

You can vote for a trainer to be made. But it dont look like it’s too popular of a game so hard to say if one will be made

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Ummm… no coins i have wepoints but not the coins thing

Exchange your gold WePoints into more purple tokens via the WeMod software by clicking your total in the top-right.
This support page may be of assistance to you: https://support.wemod.com/article/37-what-are-wepoints-and-how-can-i-spend-them

To be honest, if you’re finding the game boring isn’t it a bit of a waste of the trainer maker’s time building a trainer for it when you’re potentially just going to abandon the game soon? Building a trainer isn’t just a matter of clicking your fingers, it takes time and effort.
The game was released three years ago and, in that time, has failed to gain enough votes for a trainer, so I agree with @ptondo above that it’s not very popular.

Are you interested in the game enough for it to be worth that time and effort? If so, by all means go ahead and vote for it. If not, may I suggest moving on, finding something else and being smart in regards to where you spend your votes? Plenty of free and heavily discounted games here: https://community.wemod.com/c/general/deals. :slight_smile:

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Please i want cheats i want cheats

I only got 50 wepoints left i can’t get more i think i done the tutorial

You can get more WePoints by:

  • Purchasing them.
  • Completing objectives in the WeMod desktop program (doubled with a Pro account).
  • Answering a poll question in the Wemod desktop program when it becomes available.
  • Playing a game with WeMod cheats (doubled with a Pro account).

You’ll have to vote for the game that you want a trainer for. It would not be fair on others who have earned and bought their WePoints just for an unpopular game that you don’t even like playing that much to jump in front of the long queue of requests. :slight_smile: