Pine Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

Hi! still shutting down when i go to use the cheats. it freezes for a split second then shuts down. :frowning: (epic, just clicked play didnt import the file)

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The unlimited items cheat has no effect at all now. Tried crafting with it on, and easy craft off, and items were used up. Same when I was eating food via Q.


Have same issue with unlimited items not working. Also game crashed when activating Easy Craft mode.


As of May 25th, game is crashing when using the following cheats:

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Shield
  • Easy Craft

While ‘Unlimited Items’ cheat is not working and item is still being consumed while cheat is active.

Hope it can be updated soon

The game crashes while using Unlimited Health in Epic version. Will it be fixed? I was at the end, but not able to fight easily with Raiders. Thanks.

@Rawson08 unfortunately the trainer still broken so recommend no use yet into get upgrade cuz ur save can become corrupter and have to start all over like happen to me :frowning:

Guessing there won’t be an update for this for a while? It was enjoyable right up until everything crashed and broke.

just here to thank u a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

that would be your desktop icon of pine.

The unlimited items function, is not working at any time!!

Game crashed when starting game with cheats off then turning them on in-game. But it works if turn them on then start game. Havent tried doing Unlim. Items/Easy Craft. Edit: Everything works accordingly. Just activate the cheats before launching game from WeMod. The only thing it doesnt unlim item is the orbs. 8/14/2022

Likely because those are collectables, not standard resources/items. There are only 68 total in the game.

Doesn’t work with Epic, for example Game Crash after 1+2, or Consuambles aren’t unlimited.

Have you attempted to start the game first and then click “PLAY” on the WeMod App after the game has launched?

Tried both, starting with wemod and starting with Epic Launcher. It doesn’t matter, everytime i tried unlimited Health/Energy Game crashes and it seems when i craft items, i won’t lost any Materials. But when i use Food for Health/Energy it will be decreased.