Plague Inc: Evolved Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Are you using the latest steam version, or a pirated? Also explain how it is “not working correctly”.

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You nailed it steyn, 50 cheats is definitely a world record :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Stanford, many options. Now reppin is plotting to make a trainer with 51 options.

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I think it might have been a hicup when I first started to play the game at first. It finally worked on my end.

I have the latest steam version of this game, and am having a fairly major problem. I press play on the trainer, the little tick come up beside the Play sign, but say I want to change the keybind for the cheat, it doesn’t register. Even worse, my keyboard inputs do not work period with the trainer since I updated to the newest version of Infinity. Any ideas?

PS: I always run Infinity as admin. I have re-installed Infinity countless times in attempts to ‘brute force’ the cheats to work, and no luck.

Try running Infinity not as an admin.
Does hotkey changing not work only for this game or others aswell?
Try changing the hotkeys while game is not attached (before you click play)
You can try clearing your cache. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore but in some cases it helped.
- ICDV2.bat - with this it’s easy to do so.

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Thanks. The cache clearing worked.

@frank - cache clearing

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i need help whenever i start the game it will not respond now i have to delete it!!!

Trainer modified memory. IIRC memory is temporary and gets reset when the application is restarted. It corrupting the game is very unlikely.

Not sure what the problem is. You will have to try a bit more with your posts

Auto win isn’t working for the Necroa virus

The cheats are not working

What do you mean? What happens?

Nothing. I enable it and nothing happens

Does it work for multiplayer?

Nothing on wemod is made for multiplayer use
Now does it work ? Cant answer that


Yep, some of it works for multiplayer but most of it crashes. Still a great mod.

Dont complain here when you get banned. Lol