Planet Zoo Cheats and Trainer for Steam

game crashes as soon as I execute any mods.

Needs an update, Money gets set to -40Million and Franchise points no longer work. Please Update Thanks

mod needs to be updated beacuse money and cc cheat are dark grey and dont work
alos the next update to the game comes on the 30th

can you update the mod please

mod needs to be updated beacuse money and cc cheat are dark grey and dont work
alos the next update to the game comes on the 30th

Hey @frogliania. :slight_smile:

First of all, please don’t post the same thing in double posts. We don’t like spam here.
Use the edit button on the bottom of your post to add new information and @-tags to speak to a certain person.

Secondly, we don’t take update requests in the forum.

  • Game updates are detected automatically by WeMod.
  • You need to add the game to your WeMod favourites. This helps the trainer developer see how popular the game is and organises it into the update queue accordingly.
  • Pro users can boost games even further up the queue using the Pro-only boosting feature, if they wish to.
  • Learn more about how trainers are updated here: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support

Hi, the cheats don’t seem to be working in franchise mode. do you think you could try fixing that?

Hey @randarth.

This is not possible, no.
Franchise is an online game mode. Trainers are for offline game modes, like campaign. For technical reasons as well as legal reasons.

I see, Thank you very much.

can you add a 5 star cheat and
a education cheat?

what about an 5 star cheat?

I’m getting the same issue as Veckzjr, I use the plus 50k and I go in to the negative funds.

can you update the trainer for update 1.15

See this post: Planet Zoo Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #92 by Ravenfyre

but updates not compatilble.

And the linked post explains how to get a new compatible version. :wink:

The update to the game was only released today. Follow the instructions in the given post to get the trainer updated.

ye i know .

Hi! Can you please check the trainer compatibility, since last update (March 30) the game crashes as soon as money or fast research is activated. I could not find Planet Zoo on queue of updates.
Many thanks in advance!

can you add these cheats with the next update?

Max Needs for Workers
Instant Research
Unlimited Food Enrichment
Unlimited Toy Enrichment
Ulimited Water Treatment Durability
Unlimited Trasformer Durability
Added High Food Amount
Increase Max Food Inpute


credits do work but money cheat did not far in the - now

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The only thing that doesn’t work is the “Add 50 Career/Challenge Credits”


The “add 50k money” doesn’t seem to wirk correctly when the zoo is already in debt :confused: I tried it and suddenly had some -42mil money