Planet Zoo Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@STiNGERR You did a great job on the mods already in game but this game has been updated several times in the last 2 years and still has a pretty good following, do you think we can get this added to the queue please?

maybe add the career/challenge credits to the franchise mode

Franchise Mode is an online game mode, so that will never happen.

WeMod does not condone cheating in online game modes, it ruins the game for the publisher’s other paying customers, which is a really crappy thing to do - also the game developers will ban you for it. Aside from that, creating cheats for online game modes is not possible for technical and legal reasons.

Just out of curiosity are theses issues with the add 50k and the points (in offline mode) going be fixed. Just looking though the discussion page and noticed these issues have been around since about the start of the mods for planet zoo. So about 4 years with the add 50k completely bankrupts you if you hit $-1 and try to recover with the mod.

I want to support this and I would love to use this trainer but seriously 4 years with the same issues not being fixed really makes me skeptical about supporting this.

Isn’t it the easiest solution to just not use the mod if you have negative money?

What is the point of a mod that doesn’t work when you need it? The mod says add 50k, not add 50k if you are in the positive and remove 50million when you are in the negative. Its a broken mod that isn’t working as intended and hasn’t worked as intended for about 4 years.

Why is there a product that doesn’t work as intended and advertised?

And now a community manager is saying well just don’t use the mod. Which leads me to believe that there is no intentions to fix it. Why fix a broken product when you can just not use it?

Seeing as I don’t play the game, I can only assume that you start with positive money and that you would add enough to never run out from the beginning. The mod will be fixed to work with both values if possible.

If I wanted that I would just play in sandbox mode where you have unlimited funds. The whole reason I want to be able to add money is so that if I fall into a deficit that I cant get out of without cheats then I wouldn’t have to restart my game, currently that’s impossible since add 50k mod instead removes 50 million if you hit negative. (not even just removes 50k it removes 50 million).

But the worst thing is its a 4 year old issue. And there’s not even any warnings in the notes, at least some put notes in on the mods explaining that if you don’t use the mod in a certain way that’s not obvious then it wont work properly.

The Planet Zoo cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

career/challenge credits why have this if you cant use it lol smh and i know im not the only one saying this :slight_smile:

Can you add a feature/cheat where all babies will be albino and like max gold appeal on birth for franchise and other modes?

you can use the credits button in career and challenge, just not franchise.

for those who complain “omg it removes my money when i in debt11!!!111” yes, it does. a way to fix this is to take out a loan, once you’re in the positives add money then repay your loan (add more money than you need to repay) and kachow

Max. Staff Energy prevents the Staff from Training. As long as i have activated this option i can’t train any stuff.

it seems there have been common suggestions for this games mods for years but none have been implemented:

  • albino animal cheat
  • unlimited durability (power/water)
  • max animal stats
  • max staff level
  • max guest happiness
  • max animal welfare

in addition, mechanic research is instant no matter where the mechanic is, but vet research will only be instant if the vet is inside the research centre. this is annoying as the vets wander between habitat and centre when doing research.
also, what previous people have said about the negative money only adding more debt. it seems like this feed is only acknowledged when people ask for updates haha

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