Plants vs Zombies Mod Tool question


I’m trying to mod my PvZ gamesave, but it keeps coming up with an error.

Any type of fix for this?

Thank you.

You will need to upload a save or profile(if it is GPD based) if you want a developer to look into the issue.

Where would I upload my save and who would I send it to?

Mega seems to be the popular one now. Until unknown or someone wants it I would just post the link in a new post then edit it out. Staff can go back and see the link still.

Here is the link for my save:!B5MABaLJ!T0jCrIHHqrxfszuy0N3ee1GF2pi4z5bpEgIMHJ3Ev7s

Thank you for the help.

Are you saving in the middle of a level?

I wasn’t aware you could save in the middle of a level?

I dont know why it double-posted.

I haven’t used it in a little while, will have to find my disc that has the game on there. From what I remember you have to start a level, then save & exit. You then will be able to mod the amount of Sun for that specific level. You will have to mod each time you go to a different level. Also don’t bother with any plants that produce sun and do not touch any random sun drops as this will reset the amount you modded.

I’ll try to locate my game and see exactly how it has to be done.

I’ll test this and let you know how it goes.

Edit:It worked! Thank you for your help. And to everyone else for the helps, as well.

Ok now I know. Had the same issue but no one helped.

I’m glad it worked! I just found my game today and noticed it is also free for download for Gold lol. Sorry it took so long to get back.

I had the same thing happen to me dude.