Play Battlefield Hardline Early on Xbox One!

Just to show it works all you have to do is look up battlefield hardline on xbox store and it should pop up for demo just download it and your in!

Is it just the preload?

its xbox one you wouldnt be able to boot it up if it was preload! people are playing atm!

Oh, My PC one is still locked :c.

yea same here this is for xbox one lol! add me on pc and ill play when it unlocks Bicoma

My Origin name is deadhobo4

Add me on Xbox if you want to play. Heading to Tacobell tk get that triple steak stack real quick: Q Strata G

you add me ahaha HOX x Typh00n

Wait, how do we get it on PC?

EDIT: Nevermind found it.

Game is currently buggy as a ***** on xbox one could hardly play cause servers were so laggy and once this sandstorm blew in on the map **** was like impossible to get a kill and it looked ****ty!! hopefully they fix the lag!

That sucks man. Must be something on your side the game is running good on my end.

Not sure might of been the server cause it was lagging hard and my internet is

Battlefield Hardline won’t start for me. (Xbox One)

Edit: “Developer: Visceral Games”

What happened to DICE?