Please answer this about steam

I get banned/blocked if…
I have one game copy (pirate) installed in my pc?
If i use trainers in steams games?

And, not get banned/blocked if…
Im disconnect from Internet and play the x game from steam?
The same but logout from steam?

And please, how not get banned or blocked in steam if i use trainers or play some other games?

It is extremly unlikely that you would be banned for having a pirated game. Not impossible, just very, very improbable.

And no, you don’t have to worry about being banned from online for modding singleplayer unless it is one of those games that use the same save for both multiplayer and singleplayer (like borderlands).

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Steam has no basis to ban you for pirating games, i can’t imagine why they would do that and piss off its users.

If you use trainers in offline games, there’s zero chance of you getting banned unless it is a Blizzard game. But if you use a trainer online, yes you will get banned by either steam or the game.

Use trainers normally, i don’t know what’s this paranoia ?

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