Please help me, new here

i would really Like to have much more followers in skyrim (more then having the dark brotherhood followers)
Is there anyone who can mod a save for me with something like the ultimate follower overhaul or just something that takes away the limit to how many followers you can have.
Thank you for your time.

Modding for console users is limited to what can be done via the console commands, so if the console commands can alter that, someone can help however I haven’t seen any codes dealing with amount of followers so its unlikely to be do-able.

I see, then would something like cloning the dark brotherhood followers who can be exploited be possible? If so that would work just fine

Again, it would depend on if the console commands can do it. I think cloning NPC’s only works if the original was erased, as a back up to replace any important ones that might disappear.

The following are recommended to convert into followers:

  • Characters with its race as its names - their AI and inventory can be toggled freely without suffering any consequences
  • Citizens - some provides services which are handy, especially merchants and blacksmiths.
  • Spellcasters - they provide decent ranged attack or conjured creatures to assist you, a notable example includes Alva.
  • Bandits - Unlike most enemies, they do provide follower service after conversion.
  • Vampires - They also provide follower options as well, oddly, female vampires summoned via Vanilla Version Template Base ID often interact with other female NPCs nearby actively, except Alva.
  • Characters with “EvenTone” and “YoungEager” voice set can mostly be converted into followers.

The following are not recommended to convert into followers:

  • Necromancers, they do not provide follower service, however one may summon and convert them for vanity purpose.
  • Thalmor agents, they do not provide follower service as well.
  • Hold Guard, they do not provide follower dialogues and they always respawn.
  • Characters with “ElfHaughty”, “Commoner”, “Commander” voice set do not contain follower option.
  • Unique NPCs without dialogues (Harkon, Miraak, etc.)
  • NPCs with unique voice actors (Ancano, Elenwen, etc.)
  • Character models made for projecting Daedric Prince voices (Voice of Namira, Molag Bal, Azura, etc)
  • Randomly generated characters.
  • Characters involving quest prior to completion.
  • Creatures and Undead.
  • Deceased characters.

Characters that easily convert to followers:

  • Redwater Den, Skooma Dealer
  • Whiterun, Adrianne Avenicci
  • Blue Palace, Sybille Stentor
  • Wolfskull Cave, Necromancer (Unique)
  • Morthal, Alva