PLEASE HELP with dark souls 2 Infinity mod

Someone for the love of god please help, i downloaded the infinity program and it was working great, but the i accidentally dropped something on a couple of hotkeys and now my game and profile is ruined, i have lots of hours and I’m very far into the game and just want to reset everything back to normal, now i cant level up endurance, vitality or attunement, this has ruined my only character. PLEASE HELP

By the looks of it you hit the max stat option. There is nothing that can be done other than start over or you might be able to use something like cheat engine and lower all those stats if you can manage to find them.

Is there anyway i might be able to deleat the changes it’s had on the files?? I only had 1 1/2 of the dlc’s to go, if i have to start again, well i probably wont…

Nope you would need to use cheat engine to edit the values. If the developer that made the tool sees this he might be able to help you out but I would say you are probably just out of luck and will have to restart if you want to rank up on your own.

Just tried that, looks like it completely breaks the game for every character, even new ones. Good job Infinity, i now have to restart and uninstall everything.

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Gg #rekt

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Reset stats > then level normal.

You can customize the hotkeys in infinity so you don’t accidentally press them when you drop something on them.

I don’t understand how you can blame infinity for doing its job, would you be more happy if the option didn’t work ?.

Sorry but i already tried that, nothing works, just had to uninstall/reinstall the game, it works fine now though. Just gotta make sure i dont press that hotkey again