Please! I need help getting WaW map packs FREE!

I need the files to put into my xbox through USB.
My friend wants the world at war maps and heโ€™s annoying the hell out of me.
Please help me, I need the map pack files to put into my xbox.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

sorry man idk

If you dont know, no need to post!

This worked for me, i recovered my friends account with all the map packs, then i let it be on the HDD, but i never sign into it. And yeah, it works for me, i can play the map packs on my other accounts, and he can play hes account on hes xbox.

No need to be harsh manโ€ฆ

You canโ€™t just put the map packs on your hdd with a usb as they are a live files and are signed to that profile. So you can only play it on the profile you downloaded it on. :anguished:

But yeah you can do what he said :smile:

I think you can try a license transfer using Just go here: | System Use - Transferring Content Licenses to a New Console

you cant just send a map pack to someone. map packs are signed LIVE packages. If there was a such thing as a LIVE resigner, youd be able to, but there isnt any.

You can let your friend recover your account, and then one of you guys can go to the license transfer webpage and activate the thing. then he could use any of your dlc on his xbox. the only downside is that he can use your dlc on any account he wants, but you can only use the dlc on the one account that you downloaded it on.

You will have to license transfer. You cannot simply copy the files from a HDD which has already downloaded the DLC.