Please tell me how can I Unmod, xenoverse game saver

how can i unmod a game and keep my game progess on xenoverse, I want to access multi player but I can’t and I don’t know how to un mod this.

Not sure if there really is a way to un-mod a game and still keep your progress. Did you ever make a back up of your save before you modded it?

Yes I have a copy of my data on another flash drive I modded the saved game, would it work if you just set everything back to zero and if I did that, will it also be on my saved game

Just copy the un-modded iD’s from that save onto that one and save rehash and resign! Hopefulty it works. By putting everything to zero would probably corrupt it, unless you’re talking about in-game data, then maybe yes, it might work.

Where do I get the un modded ID from? And will it still have my game progress and after that can I access multiplayer

From your back-up save. Open it, look for the ID’s, copy & paste them into the save you have now and save and rehash and resign. Will you still have your game progress? Maybe, not 100% sure.

Okay is that when you extract files and you save it on to the desktop, if your referring to this then yes I do have this

Open both saves in horizon (The modded one and unmodded one) copy the ID’s from the unmodded one and paste them into the modded one. Save the modded one and make sure to keep the unmodded one, just in case you decide to undo the changes. Yes, it is when you extract the saves onto your desktop and then open them in horizon and do the following things I said above.

Okay this is what happen, yesterday xenoverse kicked me out the lobby and booted me to the home screen due to a connection error and I clicked my saved files and it said that my files might be currupted and I had to delete them. When I deleted them, I had to start over a new game. I did that and I got to the ginyu force and decided to mod the game. So I modded this for the attributes and the money that I get to make myself stronger and plus I unlocked character. I did this just to do the story line because I didn’t want to have to try and level up again, alright now I’m done with the story mode and I want to un mod this. I did the things above that I told you about. I just don’t want to loose my game progress and also will my stuff go away with the modded money I used to pay for it?

Because I don’t want to start all the way Back over with the ginyu force

Gotcha now. Why not just mod the save, but down to a reasonable legit save? Like I know you probably have like an unlimited amount of money and attributes. Just mod them back down to a legit amount and save it? I don’t think the stuff you paid for with the modded money will go away. It should stay.

Okay so like if I’m originally level 45 can I mod it up to 95 and have a legit amount of attributes or does it have to be my original level and also by doing this, will it un mod me so I can go to multiplayer?

I say stay at your level that you’re at now. Don’t want to get “spotted” by some mods on the game. They’ll see you level 95 and question it. Just mod down your money and attributes to a legit looking account.

Alright and by doing this, I should be able to access multi lobby right?

Yes, I think you should be able to.

Ok thank you so much! I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll let you know if it worked or not!

No problem!

Alright I did the resetting of the stats and zeni and I think it made me start over from where I left off :anguished:

You think? Why do you say that?

Okay I fixed it and it works!!! Thank you so much for helping me!!