Plz add cheats for DEADCRAFT in wemod app


I’ve been using Wemod for almost 4 years. And I love this app.

There’s a new game I saw in YouTube called Deadcraft. So I downloaded it and I don’t find the cheats for the game. Though i found a trainer. [ DEADCRAFT: TRAINER +14 V19.05.2022 {FUTUREX} ].
I tried downloading it, but my PC is showing a notification for ‘Trojan Agent Tesla’. But I never get any notifications from Wemod.

So, my question here is, is it possible to add those cheats here in Wemod? I would love to play the game with cheats through Wemod. I don’t know if this msg will go to the mods or not, still worth a try!

Thank you.

All new trainers are created based on game popularity among WeMod users. Please follow the game in WeMod by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in WeMod. This will notify you if a trainer is created and will show your interest. :slight_smile:

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