Pocket Infinity or Super Good Advice

As title reads. Got another Exotic Bounty and those were my options, along with Tolands Legacy. (Which I’ve already finished)

And I’m in the process for Thorn, stuck on the freakin’ void damage part and have completed Invective.

My friends has the pocket infinity and says it’s amazing.

I would go with the Pocket Infinity

if you dont like crucible then go with pocket infinity. its really easy

The only problem with the pocket infinity bounty is that you need to dismantle 10 rare or better quality fusion rifles just to be able to get any further with it. And I am working on my rare fusion rifles even though I do not have that specific bounty.

I looked online when I did it and some people have found the gunsmith sells rare fusion rifles at certain times it was expensive but better than hoping to get them as a reward


go with the pocket infinity as the super good advice has almost no ammo for a heavy LMG around 150 rounds max and as most legendary LMG’s have around 450 rounds max even with any bonus good advice gets it wouldn’t be any better than most Legendary LMG’s and you get alot more ammo for secondary than heavy anyway.

Get Pocket infinity. Super good advice is super bad. Recoil is horrendous sight is horrible and isn’t worthy of an exotic slot.

Get the pocket infinity ASAP so you can take advantage of this: (if you can get 10 rare fusion rifles in time lol)

For the thorn’s void damage part, buy the comedian shotgun (void damage) and just play rumble or control with it. Easy.

Thanks guys, seemingly from some Super Bad Advice from a friend I opted for Super Good Advice lol. Fortunately I seem to have been blessed by RNGesus and he has bestowed upon me the 5th and final exotic bounty for Pocket Infinity.

I wanted to give you some Super Good Advice but I’m not a big fan of the Pocket Infinity.