Pokemon Gamer Pics

Are there any Pokemon Gamer Pics? If so, please send me a download link!

Uh. Pokemon is Nintendo, I doubt it.

pokemon lawlz

Haha…pokemon is different trademark…im sorry that i laught…but
-Its like asking for a Big Mac at a shoe store? or Giving an ipod to a deaf person?

Wtf pokemon is the best game ever! :thumbsup:

Sorry, but no. Currently Pokemon is only limited to Nintendo, and not Microsoft. It’s disappointing, but what can you do.

Lol well the first big mac at a shoe store makes sense… But deaf people do buy Ipods still. :stuck_out_tongue: lol. Just not for music. But yea, it’s like going to Mcdonalds and asking for a Whopper… Not gonna happen, unfortunately.

Oh okay… I know Pokemon is trademark in Nintendo… I always thought people make their own gamer pictures in upload it to Xbox Live or something… Thanks though.

You can! You can upload custom pictures onto it and only you can see it though.
If you mean the ones you can see… Go out and purchase a Vision Camera - Aim it at a photo of the desired pokemon logo and or pokemon and snap! You got yourself a pokemon gamerpic :smile:

I believe they scrapped the whole “use your own photo” concept due to the inevitable jackasses abusing it. Remembering reading that somewhere…

all the gAamer pics at Xbox Gamerpics Preview

I have a vision camera. If you’re really desperate I can recover your account and take a picture of whatever…

EDIT: If you want me to, send me a PM or message me on Xbox LIVE. XMB Gurvir

While we’re on it, are there any God Of War gamerpics? or Super Mario gamerpics?

use a gamer pic injector and put a pokemon pic in ?

no its owned by nintendo not microsoft and why pokemon lulz

Why Pokemon? Well, pokemon is the best thing in the world.

1st Open Profile up in Horizon
2nd Find the .PNGS in the Contents.
3rd Extract both open both in paint and change them both to the same picture just remember must stay same sized.
4th.Inject, Override, Rehash And Resign
6th Profit?

Pokemon Gotta catch them all!


Thanks PreMeuMz! Might try it out!