Popup ads? Really?

You really think putting pop up ads on your program is a great idea? You want to invade my desktop, interrupt my games, movies, etc with an ad? You think that shits ok? “ultimate game trainer” my ass. Until that ■■■■’s removed, I’ll find a less scummy way to cheat, or optionally, just won’t cheat. :fu::fu:

WeMod only has one small ad fixed to the bottom right corner of the app. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Before I became pro I never even noticed there was an ad on the app.

This is the ultimate game trainer app though.

Gotta agree with Frank here. When I wasn’t Pro, all I saw was the ad in the bottom corner of the app. Never any popups.

Definitely need to send us a screenshot of what you see so we can assist further.

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I just went pro recently but I only saw the corner add before and the pro features screen.

Nothing that would pop up like a regular pop up ad, and nothing that would interrupt gameplay