Port Forwarding Question

[b]What’s up?

My current modem only allows 10 slots to be able to port-forward. I currently have 3 slots in use. I’m going to need 12 slots to be able to port forward the Xbox one so perhaps i can finally play GTA V with other players. So i’m thinking, i have a spare linksys router. If i set that up will the router give me more slots aside from my modem? or would it still be all under the modem settings?

I would like to figure this out before i try it.[/b]

I believe it will be possible. As from what I know about port forwarding (anyone correct me if I’m wrong), it is related to the router.
However, a quick search on google tells me it is extremely tricky.
Hope the link works for you.

Port forwarding is easy. I’ve never even heard of forwarding with a modem, although I guess it might be possible if you have your computer hooked up directly with no router involved.

Plug in your router and type in into your browser and type in your default log in or whatever you set it to. You should have more ports.